vanya in los feliz
Cast: 5m, 3f - immersive drama

An adaptation of Anton Chekhov's UNCLE VANYA set in modern day Los Feliz. Well, actually Little Armenia. But it's, like, two blocks away so whatever?

The Scenographer
Cast: 3m - dark comedy

A recipe for a CIA recruitment:
3 parts Jaegermeister. 2 parts cocaine. 1 flag of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).
When a CIA recruitment goes horrifically right, Michael, a rookie recruiter, must decide how long he'll play by the rules. Based on true events.

Cast: 6m, 1f - drama

At an annual fishing derby, Smokey wants to be remembered, Ken wants to prove himself necessary to his son, Bob wants his brother's forgiveness, Lenny wants to share a secret with Ken, Allan wants to become a man, and something under the water wants to destroy them all.

vast dark
Cast: 3f, 3m - horror drama

When it is prophesied that Suzie's child will die when all before it have perished to a hellish fate, she resolves to begin the long road of leaving the world of extreme underground pornography. Meanwhile, her husband and scene partner experiences a crisis of faith that leaves him questioning a profoundly dark aspect of his sexuality, pitting him against his wife as both struggle to define what it means to truly be free.

let it kill you
Cast: 2f, 2m - drama

Before his deployment to Afghanistan, Kev must convince his wife Laura to accept treatment for her early-onset Alzheimer's during the upcoming year where he will be deployed and she will lose the ability to care for herself. Laura, however, will stop at nothing to keep her husband with her, fighting tooth and nail to stay lucid long enough to win the battle.

Cast: 6m, 4f (with doubling, cast size variable) - drama

Fleeing the law in 1954, the inventor of the trans-orbital lobotomy, Dr. Walter Freeman, takes to the roads of the American Midwest to prove the efficacy of his wildly inaccurate science. When he is tasked with healing a young girl he isn't convinced will benefit from his procedure, Freeman's faith in his science is challenged in a way that shakes the foundation of the town.

Cast: 2m, 1f - drama

At a failed family reunion in Maine, Arthur, an elderly WWII veteran, plans to kill himself in order to reunite with his deceased lover, a Japanese soldier from his time in Nagasaki. When Arthur's troubled, slam-poet granddaughter arrives at the reunion, however, she finds unexpected solace in her grandfather and fights to put an end to his plans.

Outrunning Bullets, or the Irish Civil War Play
Cast: 9m, 1f - drama

Havoc breaks loose in a rural Irish town when Tom O'Malley of the anti-treaty Republicans captures the ornery Lieutenant James Caraghy of the pro-treaty National Army. With a small band of guerrilla soldiers, Tom attempts to negotiate with the National Army, using Caraghy as leverage, to get the "Free Staters" out of his hometown. As the hour carries on and all-out war becomes unavoidable, everyone's sense of loyalty is tested, as they must ask whether losing a family is worth saving a home.

The Pursuit of Mr. Rockefeller
Cast: 4-8 (extensive doubling, variable casting) - drama

When a journalist is given an exclusive interview with the enigma known as Clark Rockefeller, an infamous con man, he finds himself in the hot seat as Clark tells his own story through a deconstruction of the journalist's character. The journalist, however, armed with a series of interviews, is determined to get to Clark's core. What is there? A crook? A genius? A father? A murderer? Based on the true story of Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter.

--WINNER - Kennedy Center David L. Shelton Full-Length Play Award

Resurrection, or the Terrible Repercussions of Making Tangible the Intangible
Cast: 2m, 1f - drama

Two years after graduating from college, Juan shows up at the doorstep of his could-have-been soulmate Lisa, only to find her barely recognizable and involved with Neil, the fiercely territorial, corrosive frontman of a death metal band. As Juan tries to rekindle the fragments of their past relationship, he finds that the same memories he has cherished these past years have been haunting Lisa. Meanwhile, Neil makes it his mission to run Juan off by any means necessary. A modernized retelling of a Quetzalcoatl myth, set in a Williamsburg apartment.

The Greater Watauga County Annex's 17th Annual HOLLERIN' CONTEST (sponsored by Mabel Meriwether's Blackberry Jam)
Cast: 10-20 (variable casting) - theatre for young audiences

Jack Hamish is the reigning champion of the junior division hollerin' contest, and this year he's slated to break his father's record for the most consecutive wins! However, when a new girl comes to town with a holler that might beat his, Jack resolves to do everything he can to prevent her from hollerin'!