Untitled Immersive Akutagawa Piece (in development)
Cast: indeterminate - drama
Participants: indeterminate

An immersive adaptation of Ryunosuke Akutagawa's short story Hell Screen.

syzygy in erebs, a summoning
Cast: minimum 3 - drama
Participants: maximum 4 per performance

Transported into a world of darkness where technology and magic are viewed on the same continuum, four souls must gather necessary materials to summon a creature that will allow them to escape. Their guide is an enigmatic figure named SOLOMYN, who texts instructions to individual members of the group, sometimes compelling them to work together, other times pitting them against each other.

Commissioned and performed by Experiment America (Emerging America Festival/Huntington Theatre Company/A.R.T)

can it just be me? or so this is refraction
Cast: 3 - drama
Participants: maximum 1 per performance

A solo, immersive experience exploring the nature of quantum holography.