Jon grew up in community theatres up and down the east coast and has worked in just about every production role. From an early age, this instilled him with a holistic perspective through which to approach performance — as actor, as technician, as designer, as director, as dramatist, respectively and together.

His graduate work focused on non-textual semiotics of taking scripts from imprint medium to performance —a call for dramatists to continue exploring non-textual means of communicating via script formats. In 2012, he presented his research in conjunction with the Belarus Free Theater at Princeton University’s Literary Theatricality Symposium.

Not all plays are relevant at all times; do you really need his “dysfunctional-white-family-gets-drunk-over-dinner” play? Nah.

Follow this link for a list of plays that Jon thinks have a place in today’s world. He also accepts select commissions.

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